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”Finding Jobs For Students is Not My Job” Admits Career Services Official I’m sure that most people can appreciate honesty, even if the honest message is kind of painful to receive and misguided, most tend to respect people who can honestly express their certain worldviews. So, when people started to see an…>read more

No Comment March 5, 2014

Girl Collapses and Rushed to Hospital After 15 Year Chicken Nugget Diet Since her days as a toddler, Stacey Irvine fell in love with chicken nuggets and simply could not find the desire to change her diet. Irvine has never tasted fresh vegetables or fruit, and has eaten hardly anything else besides…>read more

1 Comment February 6, 2012

Mel Gibson to be Witness in Officer Discrimination Trial During the arrest of Mel Gibson on suspicion on drunk driving, the arresting officer now claims that he was discriminated against. Attorneys for the officer desire for Gibson to serves as a witness in the upcoming trial. Deputy James Mae…>read more

No Comment February 6, 2012

Jamie Lynn Spears Plans to Jump Back into the Spotlight and Open Up About Teen Pregnancy After learning of her pregnancy at 16, Jamie Lynn Spears tucked out of the limelight to raise her daughter. Now she is finally ready to begin opening up about her teenage pregnancy. She plans to do so by jumping back…>read more

1 Comment February 3, 2012

Eddie Long Crowned ‘King’ by Congregation Messianic minister, Rabbi Ralph Messer, instructed the congregation at New Birth Missionary Baptist church in Lithonia, Georgia, to wrap Eddie Long in a tallis, which is a ritual Jewish shawl. Messer speaks to the congregation, saying, “He’s a king. God’s…>read more

No Comment February 3, 2012

More People Exchanging a Magazine for Smartphone While Sitting on the Toilet The convenience of smartphones has made life incredibly more convenient. It allows people to take both personal and work lives with them wherever life leads. It makes businesses more effective, traveling easier, and has even made time on the toilet…>read more

No Comment February 2, 2012

Run Rabbit, Run! People throughout the world know about sheepdogs. These animals are bred for farm work, specifically the task of herding all of the sheep into one place. These dogs are swift and loud, making the sheep afraid. In fear, the all…>read more

No Comment February 2, 2012

David Tutera Sued for Failing to Plan a Fair Wedding David Tutera, the star of WE’s wedding Reality show My Fair Wedding, is being sued by disgruntled former clients. The former clients are coming forward and saying that he failed to deliver the desired services to the wedded couples. Aside…>read more

58 Comments February 1, 2012

US Intelligence Reports Iran’s Willingness to Attack on US Soil United States spy agencies reveal a possible terrorist attack on the US. Iran, due to a perceived threat from the West, is prepared to launch an attack on US soil. The spy agency report highlights areas of risk due to…>read more

1 Comment February 1, 2012

Students Aid In The Rescue Of Homeless Man Stuck In The Mud High school students on a field trip near the Rio Grande river in Albuquerque heard the cries of a homeless man down by the river. Upon further investigation, the students realized that he was stuck in the thick mud. According…>read more

No Comment January 31, 2012

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