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Growing Old Explained with Absolutely Stunning Photos Summary: What is it like to grow old? Learn why you should enjoy the journey in this beautiful slideshow.…>read more

No Comment October 28, 2015

Want to Live on the Edge? Now You Can with This Job Have I got a job for you! Just how much money would it take to get you to do this job? Check out this must-see video showing someone repairing the lightning rods on Christ the Redeemer Statue in Rio de Janeiro…>read more

No Comment August 6, 2015

Look What Happens When You Forget History Summary: Ever wonder what happens when you forget history or are nationally arrogant? Find out what happened when these people did just that in these stories. JFK’S Secretary of State, Dean Rusk, was in France in the early 60’s when DeGaulle…>read more

No Comment July 7, 2015

Don’t Miss the Best Commercial I’ve Seen in Years Summary: This commercial is so cute, I’ll bet you can’t watch it just once. Enjoy!…>read more

No Comment July 3, 2015

Kauai Litigation Associate Position Now Available A Kauai, Hawaii law firm is looking for a litigation associate with personal injury and/or criminal law experience. They are looking for a very organized associate. This associate will be responsible for preparing demand letters, coverage analysis letters, arbitration briefs, preparation of…>read more

No Comment May 18, 2015

If You’re a Baby Boomer, You Have to See This Video Summary: Watch comedian/entertainer Tim Hawkins take an assortment of old rock songs and update them to represent the baby boomers of today in this hilarious video.  …>read more

No Comment May 15, 2015

The Importance of Perseverance in Your Job Search Summary: An introduction to Harrison Barnes’ article about the importance of marketing yourself to a lot of law firms during your job search. In his article, Why Every Attorney Needs to Apply to a Lot of Places and Not Give…>read more

No Comment May 14, 2015

Noah is Going to Have a Hard Time Doing This It looks like Noah’s going to have a hard time breeding the lions……>read more

No Comment April 15, 2015

International Attorney Jobs: International Legal Jobs for Americans The idea of spending a few years abroad can be very appealing. A stint working in another country can offer a richer experience than could ever be gained as a tourist. It is also, sadly, true that relatively few people…>read more

1 Comment March 27, 2015

Amazing Video of a Young Singer You Must Hear Close your eyes and forget that she’s a nine year old! In a very short time she has learned to sing most beautifully. Remember, she has had only a minimum of vocal training! It’s beyond words! Truly one of the…>read more

No Comment March 17, 2015

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