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Lawyers for Boston Bombing Suspect Ask Court to Dismiss Hospital Statements View Count: 556



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In Federal Court, lawyers for Dzhokar Tsarnaev, the suspected Boston bomber, have asked a federal court to strike comments he made at a hospital following a manhunt that left him wounded in 2013.

On Wednesday, a motion was filed asserting that authorities, repeatedly questioned Tsarnaev, as he begged for rest and requested a lawyer at least 10 times. Defense attorneys said Tsarnaev was groggy and under the influence of several pain medications after undergoing emergency surgery when FBI agents began questioning him hours after his capture on April 19.

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According to the motion, Tsarnaev had suffered several gunshot wounds, including one to the head. His left eye was sutured shut, his jaw was wired closed and he was unable to hear out of his left ear. He was unable to speak after undergoing a tracheotomy. He wrote lawyer 10 times to interrogators.

He also wrote “Can we do this later? “I’m exhausted” and “You said you were gonna let me sleep.” The defense lawyers are saying that any comments Tsarnaev made during these interrogations–which went on intermittently for hours at the hospital–should be inadmissible in court because they were not given voluntarily.

Government officials have indicated that Tsarnaev was questioned under what is called the “public safety” exception to the Miranda warnings, which allows for limited questioning by law enforcement of a suspect to determine if there is imminent danger to the public of an attack.

Defense lawyers said, Tsarnaev told police after being captured that he had discarded his gun and where it could be found. His trial is set for early November, with the government seeking the death penalty. Defense lawyers are expected to argue that the younger Tsarnaev was under the “domination and control” of his brother.

Another motion on Wednesday, by the defense team, asked the court to declare the death penalty unconstitutional, calling the practice “cruel and unusual.” Listed were several objections to the Federal Death Penalty Act, including “public and worldwide revulsion over the recurring spectacle of botched executions.” They also argued to impose the death penalty should be limited because it is illegal in Massachusetts, where the suspects trial is scheduled.

Lawyers for Boston Bombing Suspect Ask Court to Dismiss Hospital Statements by

  • Tom Fontaine

    Attn: Urgent


    This is a matter of Life and Death.

    This flier is being sent to all Washington DC Officials,

    State Legislators and Officials from all 50 States.

    along with News Medias and other Professionals:

    Journalists – Lawyers – Religions – Activists – etc.

    Please read..

    Thank you

  • Diane Ransom

    He was still a person of interest I thought. If he was not protecting himself in Watertown and more danger lurked I suspect it would of happened long ago. The real danger is these people destroying their own credibility.

  • Tom Fontaine

    You need to read the court document regarding Suppress hospital statements.

    Dzhohkar’s lawyers “absolutely DID NOT” make any reference to Jahar telling police where he discarded a gun!!!

    The Defense lawyers used a few past criminal cases to argue their point about after suspects (NOT Jahar) telling police where to locate a gun and then their were read Miranda rights.

  • Tom Fontaine

    Maybe they were never there

  • Tom Fontaine

    and what of the other black bag

  • Tom Fontaine

    They said Female dna was found on the bomb pcs so who owned the black bag at her feet?

  • Lilka

    To me the whole case looks weired ,no reality ,the more I read the more I beleive he is trapped.
    Why someone will be questioned too much even when he was requesting & seriously injured,why was he so seriously injoured so that he can not speak the trutg,he can not say any single word in his defence.
    Back up story ,DNA thing all evidence are concrete solid he did not do it. As per nun he remorse fully then who is,stopping court to beleive he didnot remorseful.He kept saying he was not guily then what was stopping not to believe he is not guilty.
    Why everything has suddenly change in his case . He was a nice guy with no bad records in the past .He needs love& care his mom not jail.Death panelty for such a kid is totally unfair.
    Where is he islam when he is american citizen ,
    Where is he islam he drinks alcohol,partying etc eyc.
    He should be free & focus on his studies full career is waiting for him these things should not come to a student’s life.


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