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Justin Bieber Throws Party: You must Sign $3 Million Contract to Join
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Justin Bieber has always been some punk upstart making passable music but otherwise annoying everybody except his die-hard forms – of which they are admittedly legions. Who is surprised anymore when he spits on a fan or is snuck out of a brothel, or whatever else? Is there much anything he could do that would lead you or I to say, “I genuinely didn’t see that coming!” I mean, aside from putting out great music?

So his latest spiel is throwing a party with his friends that requests all in attendance to have “agreed not to tweet, text, phone, Facebook, record, write or in any other manner spill the beans on what went on inside.” This contract, as reported by TMZ, says that whoever breaks the rules of Bieber’s world has to pay $3 million Canadian: “No trial, no arguing, just pay up.”


So what exactly went down at this oh-so-mum party? Evidently, the cops were called three times regarding marijuana fumes. The party was what TMZ called a “Gatsby party,” but it is uncertain in what sense we are to take that moniker. Do they mean the participants are enjoying contrabands, that they are rich, or that they are dressed as flappers? In the end, who cares?


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