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Georgetown Publicist Tries To Take Down JD Journal Article With Legal Threat

In the wake of JD Journal’s exclusive article about LaDedra Drummond’s alleged online harassment of Leia Warren, we received a threat of legal action yesterday against writer Nabeal Twereet and demand that the article in question be removed.

On May 9, JD Journal editor Andrew Ostler received a request from an email address alleged to be Drummonds requesting Twereet’s home address so that he can be served a temporary restraining order by Pasadena police. The email references an article written by Twereet that was published by JD Journal on May 3 that details Drummond’s alleged online attacks against Leia Warren, the marketing director for a well known-plastic surgeon.

In his article, Twereet described several online incidents of online bullying against Leia and her employer by a person believed to be Drummond. Drummond currently works as a publicist for Georgetown University. Photos used in the article show screenshots of a person with the username “LaDedra Drummond” saying hurtful things to Warren on Facebook, and leaving crude comments on the plastic surgeon’s business page. Drummond and Warren do not have any prior history together, and the comments demand the removal of photos of LeDedra at a charity event that were put up on the plastic surgeon’s website.

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The request sent to Ostler and Twereet this morning reads:

“There is an TRO [temporary restraining order] for Nabeal Twereet vs. LaDedra Drummond with the DC Superior Court for online harassment and defamation to appear May 16, 2013 at 9:30am for an emergency hearing on this matter. For verification call DC Superior Court to find docket for Nabeal Twereet vs. LaDedra Drummond at 202-879-1010. The Pasadena police will serve the order to Nabeal Twereet’s home. Please provide home address for Pasadena police to serve order. Thank you. In the mean time, please remove the defaming blog and cease and desist the online harassment by dissemination throughout the INTERNET:”

Georgetown Publicist Tries To Take Down JD Journal Article With Legal Threat by

  • S. C. Estevez

    My question is how do you sue someone for reposting what you originally wrote? How do you lie about your legal action when researched, you paid $160 representing yourself to look incredibly silly? You posted it. You put your name to it. You now must suck it up and represent it. If you don’t like it. Don’t post it. Then no one can tell on you.

  • Anonymous

    Ms. Drummond continues to use facebook as a means to bully in the social media. All one has to do is look at her recent postings. She posted the information regarding the TRO and then went on to post photos of a Fairfax County Sheriff’s vehicle, the Fairfax County Courthouse and other veiled references such as “the devil is a liar”,”by your actions, you are what you sow”, among other statements that are somewhat intimidating. It would appear that Ms. Drummond has a very twisted view of justice and perhaps thinks that she can manipulate the legal system. Ms. Drummond need to be held accountable for her own actions.

  • Fashion For Paws Contributor

    There are no facebook posts that indicate any ill will from Ms. Warren against Ladedra Drummond. But daily we are appalled by the constant attacks from Ladedra, who should know that the Dean and everyone at G’Town are watching in horror. Anytime you put anything in writing, you are accountable. No one cares about what you are accusing Ms Warren of, the way you continue to conduct yourself is despicable. In 2011 there are signed documents from Fashion for Paws about donations that total over $8000 that Ms. Warren’s clients helped contribute to the “fake” Ladedra Drummond. Many cosmetic physicians have helped charities with Ms. Warren’s help and made it possible this “fake” model to walk down the runway. I myself will be speaking to the Humane Society with a letter of total disgust at Ms. Drummond’s behavior. The legal system will prevail and we are praying and supporting Leia for the help she continues to give to her clients and the community. Cyber bullying is wrong and a criminal offense. And I personally would not even buy a license plate that Ms. Drummond stamped out. Shame on you Ms. Drummond.

  • A Friend!

    I have been following this story since it started, I find Ms. Drummond to be a very disturbed person, it seems to me that Ms. Warren is certainly the victim here and should counter sue Ms. Drummond for all the HARASSMENT she has been doing to Ms. Warren, her facebook page constantly attacks Ms. Warren, with name calling, and photos on a daily basis, this is something that you would expect out of young girls not a grown woman, further more her comments about Sheriff jokes on facebook are way below the belt, Cyber-Bullying is a serious thing and it destroy’s people, in this case I hope it back fires on Ms. Drummond, she needs to be accountable for her actions. Remember “by your actions you are what you sow”!

  • LegalEagle

    One should remember that it’s all public record. Have you read the notes?

  • Anonymous


    Note for the Record:

    Plaintiff, Ladedra Drummond called JIC to inquire about the it relates service as to the Defendant Leia Warren.
    Courtroom Clerk E Smih explained to Plaintiff that the case was continued to 06/11/2013 to allow Defendant to be served and to file proof of affidavit of service. At the conclusion of the conversation Plaintiff became very loud and began to speak in such a rude and disrespectful manner toward the clerk. ( from the public court record posted)

  • Anonymous

    Ms. Drummond’s disregard for the legal system is evidenced in her recent rude and disrespectful phone conversation with the Courtroom Clerk. This is documented in the case records #13CA3120 and is open to public scrutiny. The arrogance and ignorance that Ms. Drummond exhibits is beyond belief.
    Ms. Drummond’s employer, Georgetown University, McDonough School of Business should condemn her continuing unacceptable behavior as it casts a negative image on the institution’s otherwise outstanding reputation. At the very least, Ms. Drummond should issue a public apology to all parties involved in this unfortunate situation.

  • for the record

    Congratulations JD Journal and Leia Warren! This internet post below is just another example of the lies that are told by Ladedra and her followers:


  • tell the truth

    I personally feel bad for both of these women. As the battle goes on, no one wins except the crowd of nobodies, who feel powerful by trying to taking down 2 very talented and gifted people. Both deserve better than this public display of stupidity.

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