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EXCLUSIVE: Publicist LaDedra Drummond Accused of Cyberbullying

Guest Post Written by: Nabeal Twereet, a writer for LawCrossing

Dr. Peter Klainer, a board certified plastic surgeon, sponsored and supported well-known publicist LaDedra Drummond in the Annual Humane Society Charity Event “Fashion for Paws” in 2011. According to Dr. Klainer’s marketing director, Leia Warren, Drummond began cyberbullying Warren on social media starting on Monday, April 22, 2013. Warren claims Drummond attacked her publicly on the Facebook professional business pages of Chrysalis Plastic Surgery as well as Warren’s business pages.

For more than eight years, LaDedra Drummond has been seen as a highly visible public figure. As a Georgetown University Publicist in Washington D.C., she is responsible for her client’s public image and she assists her clients by promoting them on television, radio and through panel discussions. Drummond is also responsible for booking clients on television and radio shows as well as planning, coordinating, and managing events. She is seen below posing for a picture with President Barack Obama.

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LaDedra Drummond with Barack Obama at Georgetown University

Peter Klainer, MD, FACS, is a well-known board certified plastic surgeon and founder of Chrysalis Plastic Surgery, Inc. Dr. Klainer is also a teaching physician and has appeared on local and national television. The accusations of cyberbullying that involve Dr. Klainer’s marketing director, Leia Warren, have shocked Dr. Klainer and the community. These accusations of Drummond cyberbullying Leia Warren have left many people wondering who might be next.

Dr. Klainer was horrified to receive vulgar threats and messages that were posted on his practice Facebook wall, as were the patients that called regarding this issue later. In one of her messages to Warren, Drummond stated, “Dick sucker LEIA WARREN!!!!!! Untag my image from your page now!!!!! I just saw on Google you have linked your stupid image to my name you little biotch… UN Dooo IT!!!! Now!!! C’mon…. in order for you to get any notoriety you gotta tag your shit to me!!! Get Your shit untagged from my name NOW!!!! Dumbass.” (see screenshots below provided by Leia Warren) Dr. Klainer was appalled that this publicist who he purposely supported because of her affiliation with Georgetown University would conduct herself in this manner. He expects a public apology from the University and LaDedra Drummond.

Here is the site that Drummond asked be removed:

Here is the initial alleged attack:

Click on image for bigger size

Here are more screenshots of the alleged attacks on Warren:

More screenshots of alleged attacks from LaDedra Drummond:

I asked Warren why she thought a well-known publicist such as LaDedra Drummond would attack a marketing director. The answer is unknown. Warren explained that a celebrity profile was created for Drummond with her approval almost two years ago when Dr. Klainer sponsored her for a highly visible fashion show. Instead of calling Dr. Klainer to ask to have this profile removed from his website, Drummond publicly attacked Warren. There was no apparent reason for Drummond to cyberbully the marketing director.

I then asked Warren “What was your initial reaction to Drummond’s comment?” The marketing director said, “It’s so bizarre, I haven’t seen her in almost two years. I don’t have a problem with her. People text me saying, ‘she did this. I don’t understand why she did this.’ This is crazy, because I have always considered LaDedra Drummond a very talented and nice person. It makes absolutely no sense.”

Although Warren immediately removed Drummond’s profile, the publicist has continued to cyberbully Warren. In the days following the first Facebook posts, Drummond even made remarks in phone conversations, threatening to hurt Warren and her kids. I asked the marketing director if she was threatened with physical harm by Drummond. What did Drummond say to her? “She said she would hurt me and my kids. She made bizarre threats claiming I did things on the Internet that aren’t possible. Everything [that] she claimed was on the Internet falsely, has actually has been online for 2 years with her permission, the rest of her claims are just mean, slanderous and meant to try to destroy my credibility. She used her work computer the next day to make even more accusations on Facebook against me. Who does that?”

I asked Warren if she was afraid Drummond might harm her. “Yes. Definitely. Who in their right mind does this type of thing? I went to the D.C. Police Department and filed a protection order.” NOTE: On February 27, 2014, Warren retracted her prior statement to JD Journal that she “went to the D.C. Police Department and filed a protection order.” Ms. Warren now alleges that she had not obtained a protective order against Drummond at the time the article was originally published. (She also tried to file a report against her on Facebook, but was not allowed, as you can in the screenshot below.)

I asked her how she felt about the whole situation. “I don’t understand why she did it. There were never any issues that I was aware of between us. She could have handled this professionally and asked me to take her profile off Dr. Klainer’s website. She needs to find Jesus, seriously.”

When I asked what she thought Drummond’s side of the story was, she said the following: “Drummond claims her Fashion for Paws profile is ‘fake’ and that she is a victim of identity theft. This statement is completely false, when I have 24 emails directly from LaDedra Drummond using her Georgetown University email giving us full permission to create her profile. Drummond even sent us her bio and all the pictures posted. Why she claimed this, when clearly we have all the documentation to prove otherwise, is ridiculous.”

I then asked her directly if Drummond apologized to her. Her reply? “Absolutely not.”

Several witnesses say they heard a phone conversation between Warren and Drummond that took place at the City Club on April 22 at 7:42 PM. The witnesses said they heard Drummond tell Warren, “Don’t you know who I am, you uneducated dumb bitch, I am in law school and you will do what I say.” I asked if this was true. Warren replied, “That is correct.”

My final question for Warren was “How would you like to see this unpleasant situation resolved?” Warren stated, “Cyberbullying can destroy your career, image or livelihood. Drummond did it in an obscene way and people are disgusted. I hope Georgetown University will take a stand on cyberbullying. A publicist should know better than this. Does she think she is better because she is in a position of power?” Warren also commented that cyberbullying is a serious offense. According to her, Ladedra Drummond has no right to hurt other people, especially when her job is to help people. She hopes no one else has to experience this type of behavior from her.

I reached out to Drummond for comment on these accusations, but as of the time of this writing, she has not responded to any requests for comment.

EXCLUSIVE: Publicist LaDedra Drummond Accused of Cyberbullying by

  • Anonymous

    this is something Leia Warren is always known to do!!!

  • Anonymous

    Leia Warren may be smart enough not to put it on Facebook, but she has hurt other people’s reputations by talking about them to anyone who will listen during her drunken rants. Her comments in most cases have been undeserving and unwarranted. This is her KARMA! Shame on her!

  • Anonymous

    The comments that Ladedra Drummond made regarding Lia Warren are unprofessional and unethical and certainly reflect very poorly upon Ms. Drummond. I have to ask Ms. Drummond if her mother taught her this type of language and if her mother would be proud to learn that her daughter uses such offensive, sexually slanderous terminology??? Ms. Drummond promotes herself as a public speaker …… is this the type of language that she uses in her public speeches????? She certainly did not have a problem using it in the social media and she should be ashamed of herself. What ever her disagreement with Ms. Warren is……..Ms. Drummond needs to understand that her handling of the situation is totally unacceptable under any circumstances. at the very least, Ms. Drummond should provide a public apology to Ms. Warren.

  • LegalEagle

    Clearly, Ms. Drummond should have handled this matter differently. Someone with her reputation and status should not want to embarass or ruin their career by making vulgar comments on a social media site. Especially regarding the nature of the issue it was regarding. Doesn’t make sense how angry the rant was—It really sounds like she has a personal vendetta against Ms. Warren.

  • Jana Smith

    What I find interesting is why the attack on the victim and not on the Cyber Bully? What about Dr. Klainer who has nothing to do with this. Did that give Ladedra the right to post on his facebook wall? Bad Karma comes on people who support BAD BEHAVIOR – Get it right. Regardless if Leia Warren is Satan herself, EVERYONE KNOWS LEDEDRA DRUMMOND’S Fashion For Paws PROFILE page was created in 2011 along with the other ones in that era. What is even more comical is the very Fashion For Paws logo Ladedra is using today is the same one Leia created for her with the date change. I know, Leia made the same thing for 2 other fashion for paws models. She has created marketing materials for me and when I saw this article, I looked back at the examples she sent me and there was GUESS WHO in 2011… Get your lies together,,,IF YOU HAVE ANY CLASS – YOU DON’T POST THAT TRASH ANYWHERE. Cyber Bullying is wrong , regardless if you like the people or not.

  • Journalism

    You mean to tell me that someone of Ms. Drummond’s status would actually post such vulgarities on a social media website that belonged to a plastic surgeon! Wow! I’m at a loss of words. I really don’t care who Ms. Warren is or what she did, but it’s unbelievable to think that a publicist and employee of Georgetown University would conduct herself in such a manner! I’m embarassed for her!

  • Anonymous

    It is sad to see that Ms. Drummond could not handle the situation correctly. You are an educated women, so please act like it! I am embarrassed for you and the erst of the G-Town family. She should be fired.

    But with that, I do not believe that Ms. Warren is a “victim”. She might not write posts online, but I have heard Ms. Warren speak nasty things about people. I have know Ms. Warren to be a bully herself, to make judgements about others without knowing them. Ms. Warren is just a social climber. Sad.

  • S. C. Estevez

    I have never heard Leia Warren being called a bully by anyone. Most people that work with her say she is a kind, generous and giving person. I have also heard the same thing said about Ladedra Drummond. Both are in media, both are “Social Climbers” in a sense that they represent the public interests of their clients, making sure that the public view is the best for them. Neither one has ever had anything negative written about them prior. I think there is more to this that the insults
    from anonymous bloggers to afraid to reveal their names. I also think that whomever upset Ladedra Drummond to the point for her to make this terrible mistake is the real culprit. This is just another example of 2 people pitted against each other for the entertainment of lies, gossip and alot of jealous people.
    The real cost is to both these special talented women, who shouldn’t be involved in this ridiculous drama in the first place. Anonymous name calling is a sign of a coward. Represent what you say. Or just don’t say it.

  • Anonymous

    Did you read that Ladedra Drummond went off on the clerk at the court? I think she has some serious issues that need to be addressed.
    What was she thinking? You can’t disrespect the very judge you expect to decide your case in your favor.

  • Outside Looking In

    Clearly it was an ugly situation but there is more than meets the eye here. Leia Warren is a drunk slime ball that talks about people to unsuspecting people and hurts others reputation. She sleeps around with anyone that will take her home when she’s been drinking. I’ve seen her in action way too many times and she even sleeps with other people’s men and calls herself their publicist (sans creditials). In the end what she is experiencing is her own KARMA and we all see right through her. Obviously, she is so devious that she masks it well. Get next to her when she’s drunk (which is quite often) and you’ll see what we see.

  • Outside Looking In

    Leia Warren deserves it… Ladedra however could have handled it more smartly.

  • Hater Aide

    Dear Outside Looking In – why do you keep posting the same tired whine??? Is that the best you can come up with??
    >>>>THE JD JOURNAL AND LEIA WARREN WON IN COURT<<<< is that why you keep posting the same stupid whine that has nothing to do with this case. Everyone knows who you are. Some advise – make sure you don't sniff the wrong snow and wind up just as whacked out as your girl. Regardless of what you say the facts remain the same. YOU CANT POST VULGAR LANGUAGE AND MAKE FALSE CLAIMS WHEN YOU ARE A PUBLIC FIGURE ON LINE. We have nothing against Lededra Drummond, What she did was stupid but life goes on.The only "karma" is how JEALOUS YOU ARE. YOU FORGET WE ALL KNOW YOU WERE THE COKED OUT PARTY GIRL.Who are you to talk???

  • Hater Aide

    No one deserves to be bullied. What a stupid thing to say

  • Hater Aide

    In all fairness, we all know who you are and how stupid you sound, Its funny how people accuse others of the very same thing they have done.

  • Hater Aide

    Apparently the DC COURT doesn’t agree with you dear. be careful who you hate on before your business goes out on blast.

  • for the record


  • for the record

    It seems to us M. Ramos you have more important things to worry about such as the first “Monet” born 3 years ago. As far as facebook goes, the “single” that is evident on the baby daddy page suggests that even when the DNA came back that you tagged 1 of 3 as your ticket out of the gutter, you aren’t the girlfriend as you claim, just the baby mama with a paycheck. Stop your lies and focus on being a better person.

  • tell the truth

    Dear Outside Looking In, this is what we see: you have alot of nerve criticizing anybody. Calling anyone else a drunk had us all laughing at your audacity of ridiculousness. With the reputation you have, obviously you lack any intellect at a higher level to comprehend that what you are describing is yourself. Your outright lies are a sad testimony to your own publicly know embarrassing behavior. Maybe you should worry about your own experience with KARMA – Ex: Baby Monet #1, starting by paying attention to your own drama of foolishness. Isn’t it time to take yourself to a gym, where you can work off the fluffy and stop running your mouth. We all know that 1 out 3 ain’t bad when the dna test came back. Publicly know fact: keeping it all in the family finally paid off for you. Be aware that people are watching how ugly you act and taking note. The people who smile in your face are really shaking their heads and laughing at you and what a mess you really are. Boyfriend by default is a sad existence for anyone to live when we all know it is only a matter of time. Facebook – Check Single – hmmm… you know what that means.

  • tell the truth

    I agree with you hater aide, those are the type of comments would you expect from a 40 plus year old party girl who used the age old trick to secure her meal ticket. Shame on her. No class and totally wardrobe clueless.

  • Carmel Diva

    Madeline Ramos is such a pig!

  • Carmel Diva

    Only you Madeline, would say that any type of bullying is acceptable. Facebook still says he is single and ready to mingle.

  • Shocked

    Wow, I feel like I’m in high school reading these posts!

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