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Target Employee, Victim of Katt Williams Slap, Fired View Count: 437

Katt Williams continues to make the news, this time causing an employee to be fired from his job at Target after Williams slapped him across the face, according to TMZ. That’s right; even though the man was attacked, he was fired from his job.


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The employee has been identified as Forrest Liebenberg, who claims to have been involved in a calm conversation with Williams in a Target store in Northern California. Liebenberg said that Williams slapped him across the face for no reason at all. The employee did not return the favor, but did call police. Liebenberg also noted that he did not even know who Williams was before the slapping incident happened.

Following the attack, Forrest spoke with CBS13, telling the station that he was fired without explanation. “I’m just as curious as you are Derek, but I’m definitely going to follow up with that,” he told CBS13′s Derek Shore. “Maybe I was a little uninformed about how seriously the situation was with Target, but obviously it is pretty serious, I was just terminated today. They weren’t very clear, but it is obvious to me that it was based on this incident.”

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He also said that he does not know if Target thinks he is the one who sent the video of the attack to TMZ but he said he did not do it. A spokesperson from Target confirmed that Forrest was fired, saying, “The team member involved in this incident is no longer a Target team member. Out of respect for the privacy of this individual, we cannot discuss the reasons for his departure. However, we can confirm that his departure was unrelated to the video footage that has appeared online. At Target, the safety and security of our guests and team members is a top priority. We take this incident very seriously and are continuing to partner with law enforcement.”

Lt. Anthony Cucchi said, “He is a celebrity, he’s not from our area, but that doesn’t stop us as a police department to enforce the law. We didn’t have an opportunity to speak to him at the scene. He fled before we got there.”

Forrest no longer has a job, saying, “People are saying he’s worth millions of dollars, and he just cost me my job. Of course that’s going to be upsetting. It is a little upsetting that someone of his stature can act like they can just get away with this kind of stuff.”

Target Employee, Victim of Katt Williams Slap, Fired by

  • Sam Miller

    This ex-employee should sue, Mr. Williams for attacking him without reason, and Target should be sued also for not sticking up for its workers who get attacked no matter by who, shows you all how Taget is, a fair weather employer, no honor, no loyalty, no nothing, Mr. Williams is guilty of being a attacker, and Target is guilty for being a yellow belly sap sucker company.

  • Jane Weiner

    He didn’t get fired for no reason!!That makes no sense… The firing supports Williams’ claim that he called him the N word in addition to other insults, which if Liebenburg did, he deserved the slap and the firing….

  • Name

    Jane, you seem to be forgetting that saying “the N-word” is not illegal. Punching a guy in the face because you can’t control yourself … that is.

    And in a situation like this it’s a he said/she said sort of deal, so you go based on the evidence, not the hear-say. Target should stand up for their employee & his side of the story until there’s evidence to the contrary. And lets be honest Katt Williams behavior as of late seriously hurts his credibility when we hear his side of the story.

    I hope this former Target employee sues the living day lights out of Katt Williams and presses charges for assault, and then follows it up with a wrongful termination suit against Target.

  • Op2mus

    Watch the video, it doesn’t line up with Kat’s version of the incident. According to Williams, the target employee called him a n***er and then Kat told him to say it again and see what happens. Then Williams alleges that the man repeated himself and he slapped him.

    If Kat was telling the truth then the man would have been expecting to be struck. When Kat hit him he was completely caught off guard. It almost seemed if he was about to look away from Kat. Now if he really would have called him that racial slur then he would have been preparing for more of a confrontation. The video just doesn’t support Williams alleged version of the incident.

    Not to mention the downward spiral that Kat has been on as of late. He clearly has some serious issues; most likely he is having some type of a drug problem. This is a he said/she said issue. Are you going to believe the guy that chased a family out of a bar and threw a lit cigarette into the vehicle, striking a woman in the face; the guy that swung his microphone on stage, hitting a fan in the head, or some guy that works at target? I think it’s pretty clear that Williams is completely out of control and needs some serious help.

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