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Obama’s Biggest Supporters — Stryker, NBC, — Layoff Employees to Handle Obamanomics View Count: 261

Some have noted the irony that Obama’s highest donor the Stryker Corporation will be cutting 1,170 to brace itself for the new tax for the Affordable Care Act, but they aren’t the only one making changes. NBCUniversal, who went a long way in endorsing Obama, are also making “nips and cuts” over their conglomerate, eliminating 500 positions, 1.5 percent of their work force by year’s end.

Of course, they suffered broader layoffs before Comcast took them over. The cuts are explained as for efficiency. As the Hollywood Reporter details:


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The layoffs are part of a months-long concerted effort by parent Comcast to rein in costs by eliminating inefficiencies and duplications among staffs at various departments before year’s end, an insider confirmed.

For example, three weeks ago, NBCU’s G4 network canceled Attack of the Show! and X-Play, causing dozens of layoffs. Two months before that, about 20 people at The Tonight Show were let go.

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But not only will Stryker and NBC and other giants take a hit with “Obamanomics,” but the entire economy will be seething and reeling to get used to the expectations the government is enforcing over employers and the way they insure their employees. Of course, Obama supporters will not be exempt.

Obama's Biggest Supporters -- Stryker, NBC, -- Layoff Employees to Handle Obamanomics by

  • JW95

    There is nothing ironic about blatantly misrepresenting the facts. Stryker Corporation did NOT donate to President Obama’s campaign. Jon Stryker, the grandson of the company’s founder, did. Jon and his sister Pat are both highly involved in political causes. However, they are not involved in company operations in any way and are simply wealthy shareholders. The only Stryker family member who is involved with the company is Ronda; she sits on the board of directors. Whether one agrees with the president’s healthcare reforms or not, claiming that Jon or Pat represent the company is simply shoddy reporting.

  • Anonymous

    serves all tthose liberal bastards right

  • criticalresponse

    RE: JW95, it is incredibly typical how you purposefully overlook the True point of the article, to attack these nit-picked scraps of petty, frivolous he-said, she-said, inner-family chit chat, in which you, sadly, are incorrect to defend as you have here.
    Insulting the reporter in an attempt to discredit him shows your true colors are not true at all; do you really expect people to believe your “insider” claims, all snappy and arrogant, i should add? Honestly, your petty, technical discrepancies about who runs the inner-workings of the Styker corporation / family make you look like an obvious Insider. why else do you defend such an obvious blunder?
    Where, may I ask you, did Jon Stryker inherit all this money he freely spread around by Obama’s feet for use in his questionable re-election?
    WHY, HE GOT IT FROM GRAND DADDY STRYKER, WHO made THE MULTI-BILLION DOLLAR COMPANY off sellin Medical Beds! Duh! therefore, Jon stryker, the Heir to a nice chunk of THIS VERY MONEY – DOES – technically, through his financial inheritance and “PHILANTHROPY”, in fact – represent the Stryker company. “He also gave nearly $250 million to groups supporting gay rights, (and) transgenderism”…
    the question of who makes executive decisions in the company really has NOTHING TO DO WITH THIS SAD, IRONIC BACKLASH of Idiocy from Jon Strykers donations. his pathetic Obama-love is coming back around to slap his company in the face. Just admit it, this is the fact of the matter. it was an “oops” moment, an overlooked pinhole of pain.
    IF ANYTHING, this blunder (lack of observation/ understanding/ concern [which is it?] on the part of Jon) REVEALS JUST how removed, IGNORANT, AND DISCONNECTED he really IS from the family’s true namesake, literally throwing away rooms full of worthless money on what I believe sincerely are evil causes. money that HIS GRANDFATHER’S COMPANY GENERATED FOR him.
    Point being he can live his live believing in and supporting whichever puppet politicans he wants with the family millions. No one’s gonna tell him he’s wrong.
    So Why should it matter whether or not Jon makes Executive decisions? It doesn’t. It also doesn’t change the point of this article. His role in the company really has no bearing on the fact that he screwed his own family company hard, and simply doesn’t have to admit it as a mistake. Just turn and look the other way. Like you do, JW. You just turn against this article, that points it out, attacking the reporter. regardless, you are still turning and looking the other way from the issues for frivolous reasons. LOOK IT IN THE FACE, pal. THE WHOLE THING IS A MISTAKE. YOU SHOULD ADMIT YOU MADE ONE TOO.
    Jon doesn’t even grasp his own personal responsibilities, let alone deserve these political implications and persuasions. All we have been able to do so far is look on in terror at him up there, sh*t faced and grinning, holding the smoking gun, realizing in horror (while trying to cover up the signs of blunder) that he just IDIOTICALLY SHOT HIS COMPANY IN THE FOOT. ouch. did that hurt jon? maybe the gay, lesbian and transgenders you gave millions to will help make you feel better.
    furthermore, JW, i balk at the thought that you ACTUALLY think that your statement:
    “However, they [stryker heirs] are not involved in company operations in any way and are simply wealthy shareholders.”
    …is suddenly supposed to (::poof::) exclude them from any responsibility or harm? to clear away the obvious LAUGHABLE irony of these ignorant endorsements of a false agenda? seriously, you think that that’s really all people need to just believe them and shuffle along quietly? well, you are wrong. the connections of the grandson to his family money are TOO clear. dont try to pamper the Heirs or cover for them while they wipe the blood off their hands.
    My last point is, look at the hypocritical nature with which the Obama Health care Bill was pushed thru: over a thousand pages, FORCED THROUGH THE House/Senate LIKE A BATTERING RAM overnight, and It was so damn long the politicians didn’t even KNOW WHAT WAS ACTUALLY IN IT WHEN THEY WERE SIGNing IT… how could you support this? anyone?

  • tmaxey

    @criticalresponse, Technically, of course you’re correct – funds for the donation (allegedly) came from the Stryker Corporation, albeit via an heir. The donation was made without preservation of the company’s image. JW95, who for good cause didn’t reply, merely brought to point clarification that the Stryker Corporation, per se, did not decidedly make the referenced donation. The heir doing so disregarded implications of their action to the corporation, with which the article ran. With all due respect, I lost interest in reading the rest of your rebuke because of the skewed attack upon JW95’s comment. And I do not support obamacare.

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