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Judge Punished for Inappropriate Facebook Posts 
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Chinese Man Sues Wife For Producing “Incredibly Ugly” Baby — and Wins! View Count: 299

A recent decision in China, if it could be made into any binding precedent, could be bad news for women — or at least for the women of China. After Jian Feng married his attractive wife and had a baby, Feng was alarmed that their children was “incredibly ugly.” Reasoning that neither he nor his wife were ugly, he concluded that his wife must have cheated.

Apparently this wasn’t the case, but the “ugly” baby really did resemble the mother — before her $100,000 in plastic surgery. The Northern Chinese man, according to a report from, divorced his wife and sued her, apparently, for being ugly — and won!


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Since his wife used intense plastic surgery to drastically alter her appearances before she met Feng, and since she never told him of it, the courts determined that she had convinced Feng to marry him under “false premises,” and thus awarded him $120,000. What a sting, to be divorced for being ugly, and then having to pay for it!

This must be the least romantic story I’ve ever heard. But what does it mean, that women always have to divulge their plastic surgery history before they marry? Or how about the many other ways women amplify their appearances? Should a woman have a photo shoot of her at her least flattering in order to let him know what he’s getting into? One recalls Thomas More’s Utopia, in which he imagined a state custom where a couple are exposed naked before each other before they make the final decision to marriage (this was written in more conservative times when an inside view on the other’s anatomy would be unavailable till after marriage). Both in More’s case and also in Jian Feng’s the decision to terminate a marriage based on such a superficial quality is shameful.

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Chinese Man Sues Wife For Producing "Incredibly Ugly" Baby -- and Wins! by

  • John MIller

    I can here him explaining to the judge in a Chinese accent.:
    She too ugly. Make ugly baby. I need new wife.

  • Jessica Wisdom

    Aspects of this story are terrible, like his assumption that she cheated (that’s just ignorance; there are all sorts of reasons a baby might not look like its parents). However, it’s important to a lot of people what genetic material they’re using to procreate. She shouldn’t have lied (omission) about such an enormous, expensive plastic surgery job, because that affects their children. And, regardless of whether he’s shallow or not shallow, such a huge lie could understandably break up a relationship…simply because it’s a big lie. Big lies = broken relationships.

    Let’s not pretend looks don’t matter to a lot of us, either. It’s not just a guy thing. She lied. The feminist aspects of this story are mostly implied slippery slope concerns about what this could mean for nose jobs and trumped up concerns over this being all about her looks; it’s not. Just tell your husband. You’d want him to tell you.

    In short, he didn’t sue her “for being ugly.” He sued her for lying (about the genetic material she was passing on).

    Pathetic article, JDJournal. Stop distorting stories to try to win an audience. There’s enough trash news.

  • winstonHobson

    She needs a better looking husband. That would solve that situation.

  • kelly

    Most ugly babies that I have seen turn out to be beautiful.. story of the ugly duckling ring a bell!

  • Anonymous

    This woman is a billboard for false representation and it bit her in the backside. If only she had been honest from the start however we are speaking about a woman who is representative of the general sex. The question to ask yourself after obtaining insight from herein is do you really know who your sleeping with and what secrets she’s withheld? The only response is look luck probing into her past and revealing the darker image, you do not want to know but should you find out… best of luck to you!

  • jan

    What if you were this child and have to grow up knowing that your dad thought you were so ugly that he actually sued your mom? They need to shut up about all that!

  • Anonymous

    poor baby..

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