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Man Beheads Mother with Sword
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Former Judge Arrested for Leaving Children in Car
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Florida Man Takes Monster to a Whole New Level
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Kansas City Police Officer Exchanges Arrests for Sex View Count: 421

A police officer from Kansas City has been charged with corruption after being accused of having sex with two women so that he would not arrest them, according to prosecutors. One of the women involved told officers that she was working as a prostitute when she met the officer in question. The second woman involved said she had outstanding warrants and was in possession of marijuana when she met the officer, Jeffrey Holmes. Holmes, who is 47, accepted sex from the women in exchange for not arresting them during incidents that occurred in March and April. Holmes was released on $75,000 bond Tuesday and a judge entered a not guilty plea on his behalf during the arraignment.


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The Kansas City Board of Police Commissioners, Lisa Pelofsky, said that Holmes has been suspended without pay and he has worked for the department for 13 years.

“Police obviously are not in any way intimidated or afraid to follow up on these kinds of charges and pursue them,” Pelofsky said.

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A probable cause statement filed by officers said that a woman told officers she was working as a prostitute on March 24 in a motel in Kansas City. She said a man called and said he wanted to meet her. The man on the phone was identified as Holmes, who arrived at the motel wearing a police uniform and a gun. The statement said that Holmes informed the woman she was ‘busted for prostitution’ and ordered to place her arms behind her back. The woman did not do so because she thought something was wrong. She noticed that Holmes did not have a radio on his person. Holmes then told the woman he wanted her to become a ‘snitch’ and began to ‘rub and hug’ her.

The woman claims she had sex with Holmes ‘because she wanted him to leave.’ Three weeks after the incident she reported it as rape and identified Holmes as the attacker after she saw him in a police parking lot on April 26. The phone records of Holmes show that he called the woman prior to and after the incident.

The second woman said she was at a different motel when she approached by Holmes in uniform and asked her if she was a prostitute. She told Holmes no but said he needed to see her room anyway. When they arrived at the room Holmes said they were going to have sex. When the woman asked why, Holmes said, “You don’t want to go to jail, do you?” The woman told officers she had marijuana in the room and outstanding warrants and feared she would be arrested if she did not have sex with Holmes. The woman took a photo of Holmes’ used condom and sent it to her roommate with the caption of ‘Cop DNA.’ Holmes returned to the room, flushed the condom and made the woman delete the text but not the photo from the phone. The photo was entered into the investigation by police.

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  • Keith Richard Radford Jr

    I am just curious, Are we refusing as a nation to admit that in jails inmates are drugged by authorities out of their minds, to the point that when they walk into court in shackles that they have already been put through a regimented ordeal where payed inmate staff read the Bible every day to everyone at count and if you tell them to shut up there will be a beat down sanctioned by officers who look the other way, so when standing before the judge drugged out of our mind a person know little more than their name? I would really like to bring these indoctrination processes to light in the resent events. It just might be time to call into account the actions of those that may have seemed to the people to trust kind of like a seen from Ghostbusters when Jack Hardemeyer and Mayor Lenny finally had it out and Jack Hardemeyer was escorted from the building? We have FBI agents seeing angles at the 911 site and FBI agents tricking people that have been to prison for sex crimes. In fact that is the headline in the web article “Tricking” which seems to denote something completely different. We have FBI agents disappearing in Burbank California and it all makes us wonder which is the cartoon and which is reality? Maybe it is time to bring in the second string, the other guys that do not see angles to solve matters when the FBI guy in Connecticut was just found with a laptop full of kiddy porn and Kay Bailey Hutchinson does not want to share her computer info? Who’s screwing us all? The vet’s have a charity but none of the money goes to Vet’s? We have a money wheel that is just a grind for lies. We have Kay Bailey Hutchinson who refuses to show her hard drive yet pushes the laws, and dose every congress person bend to a blond when she spouts bible verses? If some are gay and like girls who is to say they don’t like little ones and use sex to damage people? Sex laws are the dumbest laws ever bankrupting our USA and one of the largest cities in California just went bankrupt and that is where sex laws got their start. Do we all want to follow suite? What next Oyeah Facebook requiring same sex couples to have pink triangles on their FB page.
    Need I go on?

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