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The Brain of a Child can be Affected by Those Around Them
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Pep Talk for Students and Teachers Given by Child President
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Lesbian Comic Puts Heckler in His Place During Show
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Signature Case Awaits Supreme Court Chief Justice Roberts


Chief Justice John G. Roberts Jr. will take the center seat on the Supreme Court beginning March 26 and will hear three days of arguments that will figure into the fate of the new health care law from President Obama. The decision on the new health care law will be issued in June and will have implications on millions of people without health coverage across the country. The decision of the court could define the legacy of the chief justice.

The law to be debated is the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act. The goal of the new law is to eliminate the status of the United States as the only wealthy country in the world to not have universal health care. The aides for Obama call describe this law as being as important as Medicare or Social Security. The republicans feel that it brings the country way too close to big government like countries in Europe.

There will be six hours dedicated to the arguments for the health care law, which is the most amount of time allotted by the court since 1966. In 1966, the court argued about the Voting Rights Act, which was an achievement in the civil rights movement.

A law professor from New York Law School, James F. Simon, said that the battle for the health care law is comparable to the battle between President Franklin D. Roosevelt and the Supreme Court when it came to the New Deal. The chief justice then, Charles Evans Hughes, has a lot in common with Roberts right now. Simon has authored a new book called “FDR and Chief Justice Hughes.”


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“He was, like Roberts, a brilliant lawyer and clearly had command of the cases and the calendar,” Simon said. “He was trying to hold the court together, and he was trying to show it was impartial.”

“Hughes came out of the progressive wing of the Republican Party,” Simon said, “Roberts, on the other hand, comes out of the conservative wing of the Republican Party.”

Roberts mentioned the Commerce Clause during his confirmation hearing back in 2005. “It is a broad grant of power. This body (Congress) has the authority to determine when issues affecting interstate commerce merit legislative response at the federal level,” Roberts said.

Once all of the arguments for and against the health care law are heard by the court the justices will meet for a private conference and place tentative votes. Should Roberts fall into the majority, he will decide who will write the majority opinion for the court.

  • john blackburn

    Blackburn John-Myristica Cap’n Crazy John • I found the seeming majority of jutices disgut for the mess made by the parlimentary games from across the street and the use of their knowledge and understanding that if it weren’t for the sweet deals that were included in this thing would never have passed and their disgust for the vulomouness and number of piggy-back bills within the bill…. as well as the factual idealisms that millions are not represented lends to the value that they understand the basics of the fact that the will and majority voice of the people was not and is not had and that it was usurped by a congress that is mad and undefinable as to its intents which seem obviously deviant from the designs of the constitution, but my 2 concerns are that one or too many more of the justices will nearsightedly miss the whole of the usurpation of the will of the people by the tax paid for representation of the majority of the constituencies of the representatives respective districts full well knowing that for too many and for to much… this bill was passed blindly by a bunch of bought and paid for drunks who never even read the bill, let alone allowed their constituancy time to digest and provide their feedback…. culminating in what amount to the actions of the most removed from designs of representation through taxation in the history of our country !
    Never mind that they clearly have a jurisprudent responsibility to NOT be legislative in there duties to which their plights to discover from the litigants any sign of a way that they could be and zero avenues being provided them even after these moron attorneys failed so repeatedly miserably at answering THAT question… It is my hope that they use their jurisprudence and creative thinking to devise a overwhelming opinion that congress has acted so far outside the designs of the duties and responsibilities to the people of their constituencies that they find the manner and the content so inconstruable as to throw the whole thing back in the faces of these inept deal makers who pretend to hold the interests of the majority of their constituencies in thier power and in their opinions scold the congress for such an overwhelming act of incompotent deciet against the people they represent !

Signature Case Awaits Supreme Court Chief Justice Roberts by


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