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Teacher Quits Job and Leaves Family for Student


James Hooker, a teacher at a California high school, has moved in with a student after leaving his family and his job at a Modesto high school. The student is now 18 and was once one of his students. Hooker is 41 and quit his job as a business and computer teacher late last week in order to live with the 18-year-old Jordan Powers. Hooker also left his wife and children to do so. He left his job and his family after an investigation by police was launched into his relationship with the student. Powers took one of Hooker’s classes at James Enochs High School.


Hooker has been placed on paid administrative leave as the couple now lives together in an apartment.

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“In making our choice, we’ve hurt a lot of people,” Hooker said. “We keep asking ourselves, ‘Do we make everyone else happy or do we follow our hearts?’”


Hooker claims that the relationship between the two just began, when Powers turned 18, but the mother of the teenager claims the relationship began when her daughter was of an illegal age. The mother also does not believe that the couple had not been physical prior to the daughter turning 18.


“She looked up to him,” mother Tammie Powers said. “[He was in the] position of an educator, [and you] don’t abuse your student. Period. She’s still in high school. She still lives at home. She has a curfew…. That’s not OK.”


Students from the high school claim that the relationship started earlier than Hooker claims.


“She was 14 when they first got together,” said one student. “That’s pretty disgusting, a guy like an old man would try and go with a really young girl.”


The heart of the police investigation centers on when the relationship began. The couple met for the first time during Powers’ freshman year at the school. The two claim their feelings for each other developed through text messages and phone calls and spending time with each other during and after school hours.


“[He's] my best friend,” Jordan Powers said. “I mean, he’s more than just a lover.”


Tammie Powers said that she found over 8,000 text messages between the couple to go on top of late night phone calls and emails. All of this occurred while the daughter was underage.


“That’s pursuit, in my opinion, with some type of intent” she said.


Tammie Powers has also taken to the internet to launch an attack against Hooker. She has used Facebook multiple times to attack Hooker. One of her posts read as follows:


This is a picture of JAMES HOOKER from Enochs High School….a perverted man in his forties, who has taken advantage of a little girl. Now, James if you’re reading this while you have my daughter—-you better believe everyone will know you’re a sick child molester….


Hooker is not allowed to contact staff members or students at the high school for the time being.


“There’s no evidence of that. There’s no proof of that. It didn’t exist,” Hooker said. “I’ve been portrayed as a monster through all of this. I’m not a monster. I’m not any different than I’ve always been.”


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  • Dale B

    Man you are a piece of Sh#! and you know it. You totally took advantage of this girl. One day she’s going to wake up and leave your sorry, perverted ass.

    You couldn’t get a mature woman? you had to find a little girl, who thinks all of your shortcomings can be worked out huh? Had to find someone who believes your lies are true? Wait til she sees you for the scumbag you are.. Yea this will be over really fast.

  • J

    I almost moved in with my teacher after highschool. I persued him while in highschool. He really did not have a choice in the matter. I knew what I was doing. She probably did the same thing. Who cares honestly.

  • George McCasland

    In nearly 80% of the cases, girls that age get marry/cohabit with men, regardless of his age, breakup before age 24, the point when females reach adulthood. Their whole view of the world, and those around them, including any children she may have by then, changes. Yes, they will likely break up within 5 years, but likely not before she has at least 1 child and get child support.

    This kind of thing is common, with the growing shortage of young men because of dropping male birth rates since 1980, and the growing death rates, particularly from suicide in males as young 4. Their only option is to go for much older or much younger males. They’re Master Manipulators of males, with 20% of teen girls wanting to be teen mothers.

    She’s not an adult, nor has she earned the right. In states the Age of Majority is 18, simply because boys must register for the Draft, something feminists lack the courage to demand the same right to do. Note in Mississippi the age of majority is 21.

    What he’s done is wrong and he will regret it sooner than later. For 23 years I have work with divorced/single fathers, but with these types, there are times when I wish their head and a baseball bat. They’re often held up as examples of why fathers shouldn’t have custody because men are either child molesters or potential child molesters.

  • JM

    He’s 41, She’s 18. . . In America, that’s legal. . I, personally, don’t believe he did anything to her before she turned 18. . . . Therefore, he’s not committing any sort of crime, and people should live them alone. . . I hope they have a happy life together, without you jerks harrassing them.

  • Celestine Nguyen

    I can’t believe these two people!!! WHAT THE HECK WERE THEY THINKING??! How can a relationship POSSIBLY developed between these two COMPLETELY DIFFERENT generations!! I bet there must be a reason behind this!! And seriously! How can you leave all of ur family for your son’s classmate? -.-! I can’t even say that without a disgusting face! I hope you’ll have a “nice” “relationship”, mr. Worst-pervert-teacher-ever! >.<!

  • Fartknocker

    The only crime is that he is ugly and she is hot. What is she thinking?!

  • Atomic

    It’s only shocking currently due to the age of the young woman. However, lets look in retrospective. When she turns 40, he will be 63. (That’s hardly shocking now is it)
    To each his own.

  • M J

    My heart goes out to this mans family, hope they will find peace and love and move on with their lives, he is a disgrace to all men!

  • Adam4X4

    This girl will admit or has admitted/bragged about having sex with this guy when she was underage. He will go to prison. Then because the law will see her as his victim he will not be allowed to see her when he gets out. No way was he carrying on this way becasue they were NOT having sex. He’s a fool and he will lose it all.

  • Valarie

    jesus, I’ve fantasized about my teacher doing this, never would have let it happen though. These people, wow. Took it to a whole other level. So…the mom should have stepped in if she knew things were going on at an illegal age. Now she’s mad because its public and she doesn’t want to look bad. Nice try, mom.

  • Valarie

    Oh yeah, and I would wish well but in all honesty, I feel for the wife and children left behind. Maybe they needed someone who could be a better father. So when Hooker wakes up from his roll in the hay and realizes that there is nothing interesting about this girl who has no experience in life, he’s going to see his family that he left moving on with their lives, happily I hope, and feel the true weight of what he did.

  • Seen it million times over

    Seriously? I want to smack both of them, but for different reasons. To her I want to ask, “what makes you so special to think that if he cheats with you, he won’t cheat ON you!” I would also ask her, “why would you EVER want to be with the type of man who thinks nothing of walking away from his wife and children?” To him I would say, ” grow up!” You may not be able to control your thoughts, but to act on them is childish. Sometimes you have to live with the choices made because that is what you do when you mature. You are supposed to be a role model when you have children. This irresponsible behavior is not only impulsive, it will have a long-term damaging affect on the kids. Once those children were born, you put them first. To behave any other way is selfish!!