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Making A Mountain Out Of A Mole Hill View Count: 182

First of all, there is a false sense of fear and a misconception that almost twenty five million tons of debris, from the Japanese Tsunami, will hit American shores within a year. Secondly, there is no basis for presuming that some of the debris could contain radio-active material, given that one of the most affected areas in Japan was from their damaged Fukushima reactor.

The reason for the former is that the Japanese Government had estimated that the total debris generated by the tsunami was not more than 25 million tons. All of it did not go into the sea. Of the amount that did, quite a lot sank and only those things that could float did. Moreover, that was dispersed all over the Pacific Ocean and will be traveling in all directions and end up in various destinations, mainly small uninhabited islands that dot the length and breadth of this huge expanse of water. So only a fraction of the estimated 25 million tons may reach our shores.


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There is absolutely no fear that the debris could be radioactive. The vast majority of the debris was many miles away from the reactor, ruling out any contact with the radioactive leak. Moreover, the reactor was damaged weeks after the tsunami struck, hence the leakage of the contaminated water from the reactor into the sea could never be part of the debris.

Treasure hunters are already looking forward to searching the debris for memorabilia. The parts of floating ships, remnants of homes and other floating items could be a treasure trove for collectors – the Japanese Government has already claimed that there could be millions worth of precious metals in the floating debris – if the claim proves to be correct, the debris could be one of the richest floating treasures found.

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What should be matter for concern is that whatever debris is washed ashore it could lead to environmental pollution well as become a shipping hazard. Moreover, it could also affect the creatures in the ocean. The possibility of human bodies also being part of the debris cannot be discounted.

We human beings, for all our technological advancements, are helpless against nature’s fury and the power of nature is beyond our control. So whether 25 million tons is washed on our shores, or 25 tons, we must just grin, bear it and clean it.

Making A Mountain Out Of A Mole Hill by

  • isotopedope

    Guys like you state unknowns as fact as if it was data from some study-The facts are,its unknown whether any radiation will be in the debris and the truth is alot of radiation came out of that plant and continues to.Its now been almost 1 year and alot of rain has fallin on that debris and its not unreasonable to think it may well be contaminated with fallout from black rain-after all it was guys like you that said itll never reach the US and the fact is it has and continues to reach the US/Canada and many other places-Pull your head out and do some real investigative journalism.

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