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David Tutera Sued for Failing to Plan a Fair Wedding View Count: 2558

David Tutera, the star of WE’s wedding Reality show My Fair Wedding, is being sued by disgruntled former clients. The former clients are coming forward and saying that he failed to deliver the desired services to the wedded couples.


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Aside from his fame from the reality show, Tutera claims a long list of celebrity clientele. According to the New York Daily News, that list includes very big names like Jennifer Lopez and Elton John. You’d think with such a high rise list of clientele, he would work hard to deliver the greatest amount of quality possible to his clients. However, that’s not the story provided by a few of his clients. It seems that if you are not a big name, your wedding is not at the top of his list of priorities.

However, that doesn’t change the price tag for his services. Hector Santana and Wendylee Perez hired Tutera to plan their wedding. His expertise and planning abilities came at a price of $15,000. This couple was not featured on the television series, nor an A-list couple.

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According to the couple, Tutera explained that the hefty fee was supposed to cover “anything and everything that is needed to make the wedding happen.”

Well, the wedding happened, but it was nothing like they wanted. The dream of a perfect wedding quickly turned into a horrific nightmare. What was supposed to be a quaint, $10,000 wedding in the beautiful Dominican Republic quickly went out of control under the direct of Tutera.

The final tally for the wedding was $30,000. On top of those expenses, Tutera failed to provide the flowers, wedding cake, DJ, and even the invitations! As if that wasn’t bad enough, Tutera did not even come to the big day. They say that he claimed he had to go visit a sick relative in the hospital and could not attend their November 2010 wedding. Come to find out, Tutera had a taping for the reality show scheduled that day and he chose to attend that instead.

How detailed the contract is will determine the success or failure of the lawsuit for the disgruntled couple. If the contract does not explicitly state that Tutera would attend the event, provide the invitations, flowers, wedding cake and DJ, then Tutera may get off the hook with this lawsuit. However, if it does say those things, it may lead to a quiet settlement outside the courts.

That’s what happened in the previous lawsuit that My Fair Wedding faced. A bride claimed a lawsuit against the reality show for over $300,000. That was resolved outside of the courts. Will this end in a settlement as well? The answer lies in the details.

David Tutera Sued for Failing to Plan a Fair Wedding by

  • lynnetobure

    david is just a wonderful planner if wishes were hoses beggers could ridei hope he does mine on june 22 in kenya

  • LadyLundberg

    I love David! He goes above and beyond for ALL of his brides because it’s what he loves to do! The couple from My Fair Wedding who sued him- if it is who I think it is- just wanted an expensive wedding for free AND just wanted to get money out of David. I SAW their episode and THE BRIDE chose everything herself or happily agreed with David but all of a sudden at the reception she decided it was “nothing she asked for” and manipulated her groom into thinking David didn’t listen to her and just did his own thing- they even stormed out of their own reception because of it- even though she was the one who picked everything out! I’m guessing the only reason he settled and gave them money was to get rid of them! She was such a snotty/two faced bride I would have paid them to go away too! David is a wonderful man and I support him whole-heartedly!

  • Ben Hunt

    ^^^ Did you even read the article??? It says their wedding was NOT featured on the show.

    Don’t you people want to have a special, personal wedding??? Granted, this guy has to know what he is doing…He better with such a large fee…But at the end of the day, this becomes David Tutera’s wedding influenced by the bride and groom. Just do your own damn planning and don’t be lazy. We have this thing called the internet. It makes every aspect of planning a wedding that much easier. Here is an idea. While you watch his show for 10 hours a week, do your own research. multitasking!

    Then there are the people who simply want there 15 minutes of fame. You wretched people are definitely out there, probably regularly posting on this site. Please do not even respond to this post if you fall into that category.

    Side note: I love all of you saying how sweet and caring David Tutera is as if you guys are best friends. Cracks me up. Do you also believe the show Survivor is real? What about Wrestling?

    /End rant. Let the irrational hatred begin!!

  • kim

    @ ladylund: if you read the article again, it clearly states that this couple was NOT featured on davids reality show. they had instead, hired him, wanting a small romantic wedding costing no more then 10,000$ but upon hiring david as a normal every day planner, he got a little wedding crazy and upped the price of the wedding to nearly 30,000$ thats a lot of money the couple did not want to spend. and then to top it off, he did not show up to the wedding. now, i dont know the specifics, as none of us do, but if david himself said that he would be at the wedding, but then never showed, i can understand why the couple would be upset. either way, my opinion of david has not changed after reading this article. i believe david to be a very generous man and a miracle worker. i would be honored to have him plan my wedding!

  • http://davidtutera karen

    Why did they take him off the air in ri area channel 649. I loved his show and enjoyed his creations.

  • Rachael

    @kim and @ben if you read the article it say that he settled out of court with a couple from the show some time ago and that this law suit is NOT from the show the news article has two different suit in it re read the bottom half. David is a wonderful event planner and i do think this people are just upset that they didn’t get an appearance from him. The My Fair Wedding bride was a two-faced bride that loved everything she pick but hated it later. She was horrible. I would have done the same settle out of court to get them to go away. Like all the other women who watch what he does I would be honored and surprised to have him plan my wedding.

  • Anastasia Moore

    I think that is a shame, especially if it was part of the tv series. I would personally be so grateful to have him plan our wedding…..

  • Anastasia Moore

    Mary Ellen, I know it is 10 months after your post, but I have just recently fallen in love with David Tutera whom I have recently been exposed to, and I can not express enough how much I agree with everything in your post! It does sound like that couple wanted quick money…..I would be so sooooo grateful if he even put just a little input into our upcoming wedding! Especially if it was “gifted” via a tv show! Some people just really suck and it is nice to know there are still folks out there who remember the respect that was expected from us to give “back then”…. :)

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