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The Future is Here! Virtual Currency to Home-delivery of Drugs on the Silk Road


It might seem futuristic, if not outright sick, but the truth is out: Drugs are being sold openly through an underground internet portal called the “Silk Road” and home-delivery is receiving five stars from elite customers who claim to be liberal anarchists.

The currency used on the Silk Road is called Bitcoin, and bought from dealers of this virtual currency on the portal. As long as both purchasers and vendors agree to honor the system, there is little any government can do about it short of deploying military intelligence onto the scene. Civil authorities are plainly unable to track transactions as there is no exchange of known currency, and it is difficult to trace.

Similar to Amazon and eBay, Silk Road has user rating systems and vendors receiving ratings and feedbacks from satisfied or dissatisfied customers.
Going by the nature of the merchandize that ranges from Afghan hashish to Ecstasy, customers are more than ecstatic on their reviews, usually being high and happy. However, it leaves law enforcement coffers high and dry.
The digital black market has its own rules and prohibits the sale of weapons of mass destruction, or asking for contract killings or anything which has the purpose to harm or defraud like stolen credit cards.

The Silk Road is not directly accessible, but one has to get entry through TOR, a client designed to protect online privacy. A quick look at the website answers the question of who uses TOR, and the answer on their sidebar include “Friends and family,” “Media,” “Military and Law Enforcement,” whistleblowers and activists against corruption etcetera, etcetera. Of course, it does not mention that drug dealers constitute a major portion of the users – what use a user puts the power of TOR rests solely with the user.
The anonymous administrator of Silk Road, also known as Silk Road, is reported to have recently addressed the media on an email saying “Our community is amazing…They are generally bright, honest and fair people, very understanding, and willing to cooperate with each other.”

Since transactions on Silk Road take place through crypto-currency of Bitcoins, the rate fluctuates frequently, in fact changing every day. Silk Road members are apparently followers of the philosophy of Agorism, a philosophy that sees the State as an evil that maintains a system of exploitation by criminalizing and permitting things at the discretion and interests of a ruling oligarchy.


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As recently expressed by the administrator of Silk Road, “The state is the primary source of violence, oppression, theft and all forms of coercion,” and to fight such injustice Silk Road raised the call in a written email, “Stop funding the state with your tax dollars and direct your productive energies into the black market.”

And if you need to be delusional to do that, you now know where to find the mind-altering stuff.

  • nobody

    i trust silkroad just as much as i trust big pharma, and yes corporations are just as evil as you think they are. I’ve seen it first hand, and if you knew that executives say between themselves behind the closed doors of a board room then you would not be able to sleep at night.

  • Pete Wanger

    This is quite amazing. If an international group of countries series about stopping this drug trade (the smoking, ingesting or other substances merely puts the real world off for the time you are high, but then the real world comes back) it seems that they could track down these email servers and shut down these websites. If a country important to this cause refuses to help, the countries who join the cause (probably the entire Western Hemisphere, Northern, Central and non-Soviet Eastern Europe, China, Japan, Taiwan, South Korea and many other countries plagued by these dangerous drugs, should help convince them.

  • James

    The Future is Here! , we can also buy drug with… Real money/cash! Good lord give us a break with this BS Bitcoin like cash is a medium, what people does with it is not the medium fault!

  • Dan Cooper

    Hey-Hey!!! What breaking news!!!
    If only you would have written this article 8 months ago you really would have some breaking news. Go back to studying your Torts.

  • i love Silk Road

    Yea, I’ve been a Silk Road member for almost a year now and have ordered over 100 items, 98% of them came through without issues. Bless Silk Roadf and postmen and women that unknowingly deliver those parcels:)

  • Anon

    We need to stop these dangerous countries such as Europe, China, Japan, Taiwan, South Korea, and the US, that take tax dollars forcibly from their citizens and use them to support crony corporatist policies and suppress free trade among sovereign citizens. When is the last time a country peacefully minded its own business, feared your sovereignty as a citizen, respected your rights, and gave you low or no tax on the product of your labor? (Including, most especially no income tax, since everyone owns all that they produce themself). Countries are dangerous — the alternatives promise greater liberty.

The Future is Here! Virtual Currency to Home-delivery of Drugs on the Silk Road by



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