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The Return of Orly Taitz View Count: 144

She’s baaaaack! Everyone’s favorite birther, lawyer and dentist Orly Taitz, has filed pro se in a federal court in Washington DC. In the suit, Dr. Orly Taitz v. Barack Hussein Obama, Taitz reiterates her claim that President Obama is not a US citizen and demands production of his birth certificate. She alleges that AG Holder has ignored her accusations, playing a “game of hide and seek,” she says, that’s “infantile at best and treasonous at worst.”

If this suit fails to bring satisfaction, as seems likely, Taitz has another plan. On her blog (link omitted due to malware on the site) Taitz has said she is considering a run for office. Her plan is to run for either Attorney General or Secretary of State in California so that she can use the office to launch another lawsuit against Obama.


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Here’s what she has to say about it:

Severalof my supporters have recommended that I run for an office of the Secretary of State of Ca or Attorney General. As a secretary of State or attorney general I will have standing to try in court issues that were tabu to all of us as individuals. Here is a situation:
1. we don’t need 50 secretaries of state or 50 Attorney Generals suing Obama. If only one sues and gets discovery, we are done
2. in CA the democrat running for this office is an incumbent Deborah Bowen, who was worthless, didn’t check Obama’s records, and whom I sued on behalf of ambassador Keyes in Keyes et al v Bowen et al andon behalf of vice presidential candidate Gail Lightfoot in Lightfoot v Bowen. I reached the Supreme Court. Chief Justice John Roberts decided to hear the case in the conference of all 9 justices on January 23, 2009. On January 21st, right after the inauguration somebody erased the case from the docket. they re-entered it on the 22nd and during the conference on the 23rd decided not to proceed with oral argument. Later, when I talked to Justice Scalia, he didn’t remember anything about the case.
3. Republican running for office is Damon Dunn, who admitted to never even vote until last year. He was a football player and later he was in real estate. The only reason he was endorsed so far, is because he is an African American, and Republicans want to have an African American to show diversity. He admits to having no knowledge or experience with law, elections or election law
4. In terms of the office of the Attorney General, incumbent Jerry Brown is not running. From both parties we have state legislators, who termed out and are looking for a new seat to warm. Considering billions of dollars of debt in CA, all of the state legislators are lousy.
5. I will need to raise 3-4 thousand dollars to start with, probably I will need about 100,000 from start to finish
6. I will need to set a separate account, I will need a campaign manager, volunteers.
I need your input. you can e-mail me at put running for office in the heading

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Curiouser and curiouser…

The Return of Orly Taitz by

  • Anonymous

    Where’s the original vault copy birth certificate and why can’t a certified copy of be produced on Obama’s Fight the Smears site and FactCheck?

  • Anonymous

    what a mad one, if she wins its all going too hell

  • Anonymous

    One of the very saddest things that Orly Taitz has managed to do is to convince many people that she has at least a rudimentary understanding of legal procedure. I think anyone who has a decent understanding of procedure has long since dismissed this woman as little more than a loud and irresponsible nut case.

  • Anonymous

    Where’s Orly’s birth certificate? And how can she run for office when she’s a disbarred attorney?

  • Anonymous

    What idiots. For the record, the Governor of Hawaii has verified that the certification of birth posted on FactCheck is bonafide and real. The birther circlejerks keep asking for soemthing that’s already been given.

    As for Orly, I think she’s hot. What I wouldn’t give for night alone with her and a pound of cocoa butter. On second thought, that doesn’t actually sound all that great. In fact, I think I’m gonna be sick…

  • Anonymous

    The State of Hawaii does not issue certified copy’s of the original birth record. They stopped doing that in 1981. THAT is the reason that they do not release one. The “short form” COLB is ALL that is needed to verify age and place of birth.

    That there are people who do not like this explanation – that’s too bad. The State of Hawaii does not have to violate their own rules simply because you do not like the results of their current one.

  • Anonymous

    The afterbirthers are never going to be satisfied with any amount of documentation, because there is no way they’ll ever accept that one of “those” people got himself elected President.

  • Anonymous

    We won the election and now these sore losers will continue to spew your hate with lies. The way ours courts work is that you get a competent lawyer, verifiable facts and present them to a judge, if the facts are real and not half baked lies, then, and only then, you proceed to trial. they seem to be having a problem with their half baked lies. Their actions are very funny, but to sign on with them, they really need to win a case, but until then, they will continue to appear dumb, crazy or racist, or maybe all three. Keep plucking that chicken.

  • Anonymous

    The “birthers” are rather stuck in an ideological paradox: On one hand, they seem to have a real problem with Hawaii’s state laws regarding retention and reproduction of birth records. The solution, then, is to persuade Congress to legislate some federal requirements upon the states–enacting some nationwide uniformity vis-a-vis birth certificates and certifications. The problem here is that those same “birthers” would decry the ‘bigger government running our lives’ result of such pre-emption of state laws.

    The biographical whys and wherefores of Pres. Obama’s life are really beside the point. States certify live births. Congress certifies elections. If you have a problem with that system, contact your elected officials. I promise you, it will be far more productive than perpetuating the various conspiracies and unprovables du jour.

  • Anonymous

    Obama has posted the OFFICIAL birth certificate of Hawaii, he only one that Hawaii issues. You ask why doesn’t he post the original? The answer is because Hawaii does no send it out anymore, and Obama must have lost his family’s original copy because he asked Hawaii for a new copy in 2007. What happened then? Hawaii sent him the OFFICIAL birth certificate that it currently issues, the Certification of Live Birth.

    The Certification of Live Birth is accepted as proof of birth in the USA by the US State Department and the branches of the US military.

    The facts on the Certification that he was born in Hawaii in 1961 were twice confirmed by the officials in Hawaii, members of a Republican governor’s administration. Then, you may ask, why doesn’t Hawaii send out the original? Because Hawaii, which is under a Republican governor, has decided it is not necessary.

    Obama is a Natural Born Citizen due to his birth in Hawaii. A Natural Born Citizen is simply one who was a citizen at birth, one who was not naturalized. A Natural Born Citizen due to birth in the USA does not require two or one or any US parents, birth in the USA is sufficient. And dual nationality does not affect Natural BOrn status, which would be to allow a foreign law to affect the eligibility of a US-born child.

  • Anonymous

    obama won the election. Ok, so he did not prove that he is a natural born citizen. so what. what difference does it make that he violated the constitution? Who cares? As long as we have a liberal black man in office, the ends justify the means, right? Why are the birthers so caught up in “the law”? Can’t they just get over it and accept that whoever has the most power in Washington can use as much tax money as it takes to hide anything they want for as long as they want especially when the media is on their side? Come on “birthers” just get over it…. but keep paying those taxes, somebody has to support us.

  • Anonymous

    “Ok, so he did not prove that he is a natural born citizen.”

    Right. The burden of proof is on the state of Hawaii.

    Hawaii proved he’s a natural born citizen. That’s U.S. law and the Constitution you scoff at with your idiotic, delusional sarcasm, birther drooler. You and every other birther idiot are an embarrassment to the U.S.

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