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Defense Attorney Arrested For Taking Guns, Drugs As Payment

A criminal defense attorney in San Bernardino, California has been arrested on suspicion that he took drugs and guns as compensation for his legal services.

Gary Stephen Redinger, 59, was booked into the West Valley Detention Center in Rancho Cucamonga on suspicion of possessing a controlled substance, furnishing narcotics, and maintaining a narcotics residence.  Redinger posted $50,000 for bail and will defend himself if he is charged.

“They came to the house with a search warrant, and I had to let them in,” Redinger said. “I deny that I was involved in it. We’ll just have to see where it goes.”

Deputies who searched Mr. Redinger’s home claim to have found large amounts methamphetamines and over 30 guns.

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Redinger’s son, Patrick Redinger, was also arrested on suspicion of possessing ammunition.  Because Patrick Redinger has been convicted on weapons charges, possessing ammunition is a violation.

“I believe it all is a derivative of my son’s arrest,” Gary Redinger said.

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Posted by on February 23, 2009. Filed under Legal News. You can follow any responses to this entry through the RSS 2.0. You can leave a response or trackback to this entry
  • Anonymous

    I am on Gary’s side all the way

  • Anonymous

    June 23,2009

  • Anonymous

    I have known Gary for almost 20 years,He is innocent without a doubt.He is a victim of our current in-justice court system.

  • Anonymous

    i and some of my associates have also known gary redinger for 20 years and is he not a “victim” of the justice system, but conversely he is a socio path who uses his knowledge of the justice system to abuse the system thus allowing addicts and criminals to remain actuve in our society
    gary redinger is a known drug user in the san bernardino area. “many” reformed addicts will atest to using and receiving/buying drugs form redinger. to this day he is still envolved in associations and interaction with known meth addicts through out state of california. his reputation for taking payments for his “services” in exchage for drugs guns and other favors is his main means of advetizing his legal representaion. unfortunately, he doesn’t make the same offering to his “scapegoat” son, who many time takes the fall for his father’s activities
    gary redinger and his clients should be made to pass a simple blood or urine analysis be for entering the court house or court room

  • Yo Momma!

    Payment IS Payment.
    Take it however it comes(if need be), Never getting paid is a risk in itself. People do things they shouldn’t or would rather not, everyday. Regardless of occupation, AIG, Government, Local Authorities.. you name it. Better to frown on somebody elses SINS than our own, And hope ours will never be known.

  • patrick redinger

    Every anonymous person who left s comment needs to come talk to me personally. All you sorry ass losers pass judgement on a respected attoney really need to piss off .if u feel so strongly about your negative opinion then why do YOU! Hide like a chicken shit behind that anonymous title why not say who you are ..maybee cuz your a coward . I think i would no a little bit about Mr.Redinger being his son .the one that didnt even have a gun charge but was arrested cuz of some old hunting trips shot gun rounds. The fact of the matter is y father is and slways has neen clean and sober. The only theory on meth being around the house i can gather is that it was planted to taint my fathers reputation. I now my father got screwed over by our corupt county officials.due the fact that i used meth the evening prior to the raid.however when taken into custody was the next in line for a blood test nehind my father who test came test i later found came back clean when i for sure i was using. I belive the crooked deputies at Cdc &the entire sheriffs department switched my fathers and my test results

  • me

    well i have not known this guy personally BUT when i used to be an idiot running around berdo, this was the go to guy if you wanted ur case dropped or reduced and ALL you had to do was give him a little “sugar” (as in drugs) SO I SAY YOU GOT YOU DUES COMING HOMEBOY!! Everyone gets caught eventually and even YOU should be knowing this. Hope ur lic. is gone too.

  • Becky

    I need a lawyer badly & was told Gary is a friend of mine’s friend & is he is a great friend & great lawyer. I need help I havn’t seen my kids in over a yr.

  • Jeanette Florio

    I used to work for this guy, and he was my fathers attorney. I watched my father give him meth. He was always higher then a kite, along with Callie Simpson his old legal assistant (that my father was boning).

  • Jeanette Florio

    Dude, my father gave your father dope. I watched him to it. Multiple times. I watched your father do drugs with my father. My father was one of the predominant meth dealers in the county. You can contact me at